Happy Match Story: Owen and Sam

A Happy Match Story shared by Big Brothers Big Sisters

Little Brother Owen knows how lucky he is to have two loving parents at home, because he almost lost one. Last year, Dad was partially paralyzed in a bicycle accident and has serious, costly, on-going health complications. After caring for his father and baby sister every day, Mom rarely has much energy or attention left to share with Owen. She hoped enrolling him in our program would give him a chance to get out of the house and take his mind off the medical, financial and emotional stresses at home.

Picture1Big Sister Sam has done more than take Owen’s mind off the hard stuff in his life, she has helped direct Owen’s thoughts toward his own bright future. This 10-year-old who hopes to be “an astronaut and an artist” when he grows up, is learning how to use a telescope, mix paint colors, understand the periodic table and draw using perspective…all skills that will help him pursue his dream careers one day in the future. But sometime, Owen and Sam just focus on having fun here and now by exploring the neighborhood together, which is easier since Sam helped Owen overcome his understandable fears and learn how to ride a bike!