Happy Match Story – Big Brothers Big Sisters

Most boys join our programs seeking a male role model, but Little Brother Aidan, a bilingual 8-year old with a single-mom, specifically asked to be introduced to a Big Sister instead. He described his ideal mentor as someone who would enjoy soccer and maybe help him learn to play the piano. He asked that he NOT be matched with an adult who was “attached to her phone.” Big Sister Melissa, a Spanish-speaking, piano-playing, long distance runner seemed like a perfect fit!

image010Aidan and Melissa have now been matched 3 months and are having a great time exploring the county together. Big Sister Melissa says, “We have a great time and I’m so lucky to have been matched with such a great kid!” Aidan’s mom calls it “a perfect match.” SLO Bigs staff especially appreciates this pair for their level of engagement with the agency. They participated in media interviews which resulted in a great story in the Paso Robles Magazine in April. They have taken and shared numerous photos from their various activities. And, they volunteered at the Big Event together! There is no doubt that this Little Brother is not only gaining the skills and attitudes that will help him have a bright future…he is also learning how to give back to the community and help other kids have a brighter future too!