First Blind Date

becky_grayI survived my first blind date – Match Meeting Success by Becky

It was an afternoon scheduled time and hot as heck outside (95 degrees to be exact). We met at the Big Brothers Big Sister’s office in Paso. My potential little sister had a brother who was also being matched the same day.

I arrived a few minutes early, as I definitely didn’t want to show up late. I was already sweating from being nervous, but then add the heat factor and I wished I had an extra deodorant stick in my car… (I sweat – might be TMI for some of you, but it’s the honest truth).

She walked in with her mom and brother and was all smiles. I instantly felt a connection and I knew we would hit it off. We were both nervous. Tatiana from big brothers big sisters was great. She had us do a simple icebreaker game, and then came the rules and regulations that were read to us. We signed some waivers and finally I got to sit down with my little and chat… We chose a spot on the floor and began making a list of things we could do together with our time. I brought a little journal and pen so she could write our ideas down – we’ll call it our little wish journal. She jotted down ‘1. arts & crafts, 2. Go get ice-cream, 3. Go swimming at my house’ (once she found out I had a pool, her eyes lit up! She loves to swim). She had many questions about how big the pool was, how deep it was (btw she can swim in 9 feet of water and her friends can’t believe it when she does!), if my dogs like to swim, and the questions went on and on.

It was time for our first meeting to come to an end and I let her choose what she wanted to do the next time we met. She smiled at me and took her pen and circled #3 with a big smile. Yes… swimming at my place. So, we put it on the calendar a swim afternoon at our house. I asked her what snacks she would like, since swimming will make us hungry. She determined a frozen pepperoni pizza (she likes the California Pizza Kitchen kind). Done. The date is set and I can guarantee we will be cooking up that frozen pepperoni pizza to enjoy poolside.