Today I Meet My Little Sister

Today I meet my little sister (aka my first blind date) – by Becky Gray, Executive Director at must! charities

becky_grayI’ve been anxious about this day for quite some time. Not because I’m second-guessing the idea of giving back. I am all about giving back, giving of myself to help others – it’s in my blood.

My anxiety/excitement lies in the unknown. It lies deep within, as I am about to embark on a commitment into someone’s life for the minimum of the next year… and hopefully for a lifetime. This is someone I know little about, but it feels right (regardless that the information I know about her was only given in a 15 minute phone conversation). I’m nervous – not if she will be a good fit for me, but questioning if she will like me and want to spend time with me? I wonder now, “will I be a good fit for what she wants?”

It was all so exciting when I was going through the application paperwork – which seems like eons ago (although really it was only months ago). Then the waiting game began, as they wanted to make sure they had the perfect match for me. I sat for months questioning, “will they find a match for me?” And “is there someone out there who will benefit from me investing in them?”. I waited and prayed for the perfect match. Time passed and I actually stopped thinking about it.

Months went by and then I got an email letting me know they think they found me a little. When I got the call from #bigbrothersbigsisters and they described this young girl to me, it seemed like a perfect match. She loves to do crafty things. She loves fashion. She loves the outdoors and playing in the water. She loves adventure AND she loves to talk and is chatty (for those of you who know me – you are probably smiling right now as you read these descriptions).

So, today is the day I meet my little. It’s the day I put myself out there and make myself vulnerable to a little soul who is seeking a mentor like me. I am excited beyond belief, and a bit nervous too (it’s like a blind date – and I never even went on a blind date!) So here goes… my first official “blind date” (aka my match meeting).

I can’t wait to share the rest of the journey with you… stay tuned!