A Success Story: Magali at the Boys & Girls Club

The Boys & Girls Club, recently sent must! charities the following Success Story:

MagaliMagali is a 7th grader at Flamson Middle School. When the school year started Magali did not want to be at the Boys & Girls Club and she made it known to the staff and her peers.  Her attitude from the time she walked into the Club to the time she left was very negative.  It was difficult to convince Magali to allow anyone to help her during Power House, our homework completion program, or to even have a conversation with her.

After becoming involved in Torch Club, a service club, her attitude started changing.  In choosing to be a part of Torch Club she chose to be part of something bigger than herself.  Magali’s investment in our Club improved so much that she ran for President of the Torch Club.  Although Magali did not win the election, she continued to fully participate in Power Hour, Torch Club, and volunteered to be a part of our singing program for our upcoming open house.

Being the leader of her peer group, she has a great amount of influence on their behavior as well.  Since her recent change in attitude, she has instructed peers not to “goof around” as much and take Torch Club more seriously.  She has improved her grade in English from a D to C and is working to further improvement.  During Torch Club, Magali is allowing herself to be more vulnerable and open up on topics.

It is inspiring to see her outlook on the Boys & Girls Club change over time.  She now enters our doors with a bright smile and joyful attitude.