Where a Couple of Glasses of Vino Can Take You

It’s about 1997 and a couple of old buddies are sitting around sharing a “bit” of vino. Isn’t that how all good stories are forged? It’s no different for must! partner, Bella Luna Estate Winery whose partnership between Kevin Healy and Sherm Smoot formed over one such glass (ok, perhaps a few glasses). They never looked back.

untitledToday, Bella Luna Estate Winery’s five acres in the Templeton gap produces predominately Italian varietals, making small lot productions of premium wine. But it’s not just Bella Luna’s vines that are deep in Central Coast soil. Sherm’s father started a business on the Central Coast in 1947, raising his family in the North County. While Sherm has a story or two for every bend and fork in the road, there is no making light of his passion and allegiance to the region. For over 30 years, he was an aviator who flew all over the world – ask any aero-aficionado and they will know his name as well as his feats.

It made sense for him that after a successful career in aviation, he settle back into Northern San Luis Obispo County. And the pull and tug of the North County is one reason why he listened to Doug and Sabrina Kruse when they said they had a project he may want to align himself with.

Enter must! charities. Sherm likes to keep it local and knows that funds he raises for must! charities are infused directly into his community. And he is a numbers guy who respects accountability. Another win for must!, which holds project collaborators accountable to regular financial and project deliverable reporting.

Since becoming a partner with must! charities, Bella Luna has hosted winemaker dinners and bottling parties, proceeds of which go to must! charities. Wanna see what Sherm is all about for yourself? Bella Luna is now open 7-days a week and he is usually around, ready to share his passion about wine along with a few great stories from his aviator days.