Ripple Effect

Just as our leaf began to touch a small portion of our region, the excitement from the donors pool as well as the positive effects from our projects have begun to ripple out of the north county and truly making a difference in the lives of others throughout the entire region of San Luis Obispo County and beyond.

6a00d83453633269e201156f16f27c970c-320wiboys and girls club | june 2012 – December 2015

The program at the Boys and Girls Club sought to increase the services offered to children by a robust board recruitment, retention, and training program, investing in high-level exective staff, commit time and resources to serving on the board. This club is now in the place of expansion and soon to be a county wide organization, as they take the leadership helm of the region, are in the process of a name change and have hopes to begin a pilot summer program in San Luis Obispo in 2016. Must! charities is funding a portion of their expansion model as we wish to see all children in need of a Boys & Girls Club be served.

real food for real children | june 2013 – june 2015

Real food for Real Children expand on existing program to reach 2,500 children within the 2 years of the project, increase nutritional density, be self-sustaining after program period, and ultimately will reach all at-risk children in the North County. 21 different site locations served free lunches to kids ages 0-18 over the 2014 summer, a growth from 6 two years prior prior years. In 2014, in the North County we served 11 different sites, and the South County now has 10 different lunch sites. Our afterschool snack locations exist in 18 different locations, with 4 of those being in the south county. The vehicles purchased for the food bank are serving families and children throughout the entire county, allowing the foodbank to securely deliver refrigerated food to all areas of the county.