Hands On Approach: Interview with Partner Advisory Board Member, Lisa Lewis

We sat down with Lisa Lewis, must! charities Partner Advisory Board member, active community member, not to mention standout mom to five.  You may recognize her from numerous For Sale signs in Northern SLO, as Lisa is a realtor with Re/Max Parkside Real Estate.  Yes, we had the same question also – how is she able to wear so many hats yet still devote time to must! charities?
LISAJLEWIS-photo (2)You not only contribute to must! charities projects but you decided to be a part of the Partner Advisory Board – what motivated you to do so? 

I have been involved with many organizations throughout the years and I like to be actively involved.   I helped out in the classroom and within the community but when I started in Real Estate, I felt that it was important to take it one step further, and by being on the board or within a committee I could help make greater change.  I have been an Ambassador with the local of the Chamber of Commerce, I was a founding member of the Atascadero Women in Business, and the greeter with Rotary (which I was very good at :).  I felt that being on the Partner Advisory Board would allow me to further be involved outside of just donating money.  I take a hands-on approach on everything I do and I want to be fully vested into the cause.  A portion of all of my real estate sales go right back into must! charities.

What do you like best about must! charities?

I like that must! is helping local non-profits and charities by going into that business, working with that business in identify the wants and needs of that businesses, solving problems and making that business a greater organization.  must! does not just give money to the non-profits and walk away.  must! donates their time, energy, and knowledge into that business and in turn the community truly benefits.  I also love how some many local business are involved with must! and they always have little events to help raise money and spread the word.

How did you first hear about must! charities?

I have known Becky for years, we used to volunteer in our kids classroom and became friends.  I ran into Becky one day and she told me what she was doing with must! and I jumped at the opportunity to help.

Has there been any project or collaborator that you’ve been especially enamored with or felt a special tug?

My grandfather started the Boys and Girls Club in La Habra many years ago and so it has always been close to my heart.  I love must! helped turn this Boys and Girls Club into one of the best in California!

Were your parents philanthropic?

My mother Sandi is a retired principle with the La Habra School District and through the years was always heavily involved in non-profits and charitable organizations.  My mother was also La Habra Chamber of Commerce Citizen of the Year in 2014.  My grandfather was also a past Citizen of the Year.  I come from a very large family and we learned at a young age to take care of everyone and everyone work together to accomplish the greater goal.  I raised my five children the same way that I was raised.
Thank YOU Lisa, and thank you to generations before her that instilled philanthropy as part of everyday living.