Taste of Templeton Supports must! charities

Some say the best thing about Taste of Templeton is the vibe and we agree, but this year we also think one of the best things about Taste of Templeton is their commitment to support must! charities as one of the beneficiaries.  Good vibe, good deeds = great event!  On May 2nd, the Templeton Community Park, bursting with small town charm, hosts the annual Taste of Templeton – a food, wine and lifestyle afternoon in the park.

TOT 2014 (2)Guests spend the day in the oak-studded shade of the beautiful town park. Wanna groove?  Hometown favorite Jim Sweetwater will kick off the festival at 1pm, followed by the soothing sounds of Brazilian jazz group Choro De Ouro, and closing out the afternoon with headliner Captain Nasty, a 9-person funk band that will get everybody dancing!

Have a winery?  Fabulous, take advantage of participating in this intimate setting with local.  Have taste buds?  Great, purchase tickets and enjoy the day in the Templeton Park and feel good about supporting your local community and of course must! charities.  Please contact Sarah at Templeton Chamber of Commerce at 805.434.1789 for sponsorships and participant application.

From Eric Jensen, Booker Vineyard


Everything That Rocks – $1385 Raised for must!

A big thank you to Farm Supply Company for selecting us as your charity of choice for the live KZOZ radio takeover broadcast in December! And a BIG thank you to everyone who called in to request a song and make a donation. We had a battle between 2 local businesses for the top donor spot- Kritz Trucking and Crown Limousines. It was fun being part of the action… especially when Kritz Trucking showed up at the live remote! Thank you to American General Media and KZOZ for making this happen!

It was a morning in which the community raised $1385 for must! charities.


Wine Spectator Honors 14 Producers – Many are must! Friends

Check out the article in Paso Press about Wine Spectator honoring Paso producers:

The current, May 31, edition of Wine Spectator Magazine reviewed numerous Paso Robles wineries in its “Buyer’s Guide” section. Outstanding reviews and ratings were given to 14 of Paso’s most creative and exciting wineries.

8553137f45898a9a7c1de377e143e885In total, 38 wines were reviewed from these 14 producers, most earned ratings in the 90s. Once again Paso Robles is being recognized by the wine world as creating wines of excitement, high quality and creative expression.

Congratulation to the following on their continued outstanding achievements:

Law Estate Wines, only in their second release, had five scores in the 90s – The Nines receiving a 94 point rating. Torrin Vineyard, with four wines reviewed, all received scores in the 90s. Of note is that Scott Hawley of Torrin, is also the head winemaker for Law Estate Wines. Justin Smith of Saxum was no surprise with a review of his 2012 lineup, all receiving scores in the 90s.

Jordan Fiorentini of Epoch once again has shown consistency in producing another highly acclaimed lineup. Nick Elliot of Nicora, beginning his fourth release at the age of 33, has firmly established himself as another serious, creative winemaker.

And continuing their solid reputation of producing wines of the highest quality and consistency were several other well-known names: Terry Hoage with three wines reviewed, all in the 90s; Tablas Creek with three wines in the 90s; Jada Vineyards; Linne Calodo; Villa Creek; Booker; Denner; Caliza; and Cypher. All of these wineries were enthusiastically reviewed and highly rated.

Thanks to Wine Spectator for their recognition of the exceptional wines being produced in the Paso Robles wine region.

Meet must! Partner Matt Trevisan

Meet Matt Trevisan, Winemaker – Proprietor at Linne Calodo winery in Paso Robles. A Renaissance man, literally in the field of wine making. Matt’s not afraid of getting his hand dirty. He’s in the field growing his grapes – not behind a desk, sweated the pipes and helped laid the electric lines for his dream winery.