Tablas Creek Raises Over $7,500 for must! charities

We’ve heard it before – “a buck a bottle is the easiest ever!” And our friends at Tablas Creek are proof of that.  For the second year in a row, during the month of December, for every bottle of wine that was sold in the tasting room, Tablas Creek donated $1 to must! charities.  This added up to $7,532 going directly to must! charities and programs in our community.  Every single penny.

14043_657652911006285_8583780083284126046_nJason Haas, Partner and General Manager at Tablas Creek, “We love must!’s focus on the local community, the immense participation that they’ve built with the local wine community in just a few short years, and the long-term vision of the grants that they make. They’re not just putting band-aids over problems; they’re creating lasting programs that make a real difference in real lives.”

Let’s raise a glass of Tablas to Tablas and cheers to a partner who is making it look easy to do the right thing!

A Celebration of American Philanthropy — Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen’s Big Bet

Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen, Founder and Chairman of Stanford Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society, discusses her big bet around how people give.




Create a Corporate Mentoring Program and You May Reap the Benefits

What a great article  in Entrepreneur on the benefits of creating corporate volunteer programs.  Thank YOU to one our must! partners, All About Events for sharing:

Mentorship is essential for the success of many organizations. Whether the mentorship program is formal or informal, employees can benefit from this type of workplace relationship.

A 2013 study, “Career Benefits Associated with Mentoring for Mentors,” published in the Journal of Vocational Behavior, discovered people who have the opportunity to serve as mentors experience greater job satisfaction and a higher commitment to their employer.

1402436551-treat-corporate-job-entrepreneurial-training-programYet, a March study by DDI World, “Women as Mentors,” found 63 percent of slightly more than 300 businesswomen surveyed across the world have never had a mentor.

If employers want to boost employee retention and engagement, they should set up corporate mentoring programs. Here are four practices for creating an effective workplace mentoring program:

1. Define goals.

Ask questions such as “What do you plan to achieve from this program?” or “Why do employees need mentors?” to identify goals for a new mentoring program.

Effective corporate-mentoring programs focus on objectives such as increasing employee productivity and engagement, retaining talent and succession planning.

Make sure goals are specific, measurable, action oriented, realistic and time bound or SMART.

2. Identify mentors.

The ideal mentor is an accomplished role model. This person should have an eagerness to help others and be willing to make a time commitment. Look for suitable mentors at your company.

When introducing mentors are introduced to their mentees, they should start off the relationship in a casual setting. For example, have mentors invite mentees out for coffee so that  the employee will feel more comfortable speaking to a senior-level employee.

3. Design training materials.

Mentorship programs should be designed so that participating employees will learn skills to help them grow.

In addition to mentors and mentees having one-on-one meetings, offer an online-mentoring course or publish a handbook for mentors and mentees to follow.

4. Measure results.

Develop a plan to assess the success of a company’s mentoring program by identifying the metrics to be used. Take note of the frequency of meetings and interactions between mentors and mentees.

Set up metrics to assess talent retention, employee engagement and even whether bonuses (for terrific work) went to particpating employees. These results can be measured every six months or during employee performance reviews.

A 2013 Vestrics study examined responses from more than 830 mentees and some 670 mentors participating in Sun Microsystem’s program. Employee retention rates climbed 69 percent for the mentors and 72 percent for the mentees over the seven-year period of the study. The increased retention resulted in a savings of $6.7 billion in avoided staff turnover and replacement costs.

Since 2011 DHL Express has run an advanced mentoring program so U.S. employees can learn new skills, understand the company culture on a larger scale and develop a career path. Through this, 60 percent of the mentees advanced their careers at the company over the course of a year.

must! Partner Clos Solene Featured at Santa Barbara Film Festival

Check out the article in Paso Press about our friends at Clos Solene:

Clos-SoleneA short film about Paso Robles’ Clos Solene Winery has been accepted into the Santa Barbara International Film Festival.

“Clos Solene,” a an 8-minute documentary by San Luis Obispo photographer and Cal Poly graduate Chris Leschinsky, will be part of a group of “Screen Cuisine” shorts to be shown Feb. 6-7 at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art.

The film is about Clos Solene’s founder, French winemaker Guillaume Fabre, who moved to California to start his own winery and raise his family. The film follows Guillaume, his wife Solene, and his two young children through the grape growing season. This charming short feature is about a man, his family, his vision and his passion.

“This is our dream becoming reality,” says Solene Fabre. “We invested the small savings we had, worked and still work as much as possible to first, make elegant wine with character and personality, but also to develop a relationship with the persons who are supporting us in this endless work.”

The 11-day event showcases over 200 films from 54 countries around the globe. Over 85,000 attendees will converge on Santa Barbara to view films at various historical sites throughout Santa Barbara. “Screen Cuisine” is a selection of short documentaries featuring engaging stories about brew masters, chefs, entrepreneurs, and winemakers.

The screening of “Clos Solene” is on Feb. 6 is at 10 a.m., and on Feb. 7 at 1 p.m.

must! Partner Stephan Asseo Named Wine Industry Person of the Year

Check out this article in the Paso Press on one of our must! partners, Stephan Asseo:

This Friday, the Paso Robles wine country community will come together to recognize Stephan Asseo of L’Aventure winery for his contributions toward the success of the Paso Robles wine industry. Asseo will be honored as the 2014 Paso Robles Wine Industry Person of the Year at the Paso Robles Wine Country Alliance’s annual winter gala, entitled The Rubber Boot Ball.

Stephan-AsseoAsseo, an accomplished winemaker with 17 vintages in Bordeaux, sought to live his creative dream within a new region in the world and in 1998 founded L’Aventure Winery with his wife Beatrice in Paso Robles. He meticulously selected and planted on a 127-acre property in the western hills of Paso Robles with the vision to create world-class wines of Bordeaux and Rhône varieties. As an experienced vigneron, his farming techniques and philosophies were quickly recognized by the local grape growing community, spurring a renaissance of creative ideas for many of the new vineyards at the time.

“Stephan’s influence on the appellation, beyond the national and international notoriety he has drawn with L’Aventure wines, has been exiting” said Marc Goldberg, Winemaker/Proprietor, Windward Vineyard. “Prior to his estate vineyard maturing, he sourced grapes locally and influenced how growers and winemakers could work together to produce high quality wines. Stephan is the embodiment of the maverick spirit that is Paso Robles, which is evident in the unique and inspired wines he creates.”

Asseo’s winemaking has resulted in wines which have earned high scores and critical acclaim, bringing media, trade and consumer attention to Paso Robles Wine Country. Stephan travels the world to promote his wines and in hand promotes the region by referring to L’Aventure wines as his best expression of the Paso Robles terroir.

Along with being a well-respected local businessman with donations to local causes, Asseo was awarded as the 2007 San Luis Obispo County Winemaker of the Year, is a past board member of the Paso Robles Wine Country Alliance, has the respect and admiration of wine community colleagues, and is a consistent voice in the local industry.

The alliance’s annual gala event hosts more than 180 members of Paso Robles’ wine community with elected officials and representatives from national, state and local offices on hand to commemorate the honor. This year’s themed event will be held at Tooth and Nail Winery on Highway 46 West.

Support must! Partners

“Individual commitment to a group effort – that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work. ” ~ Vince Lombardi

IMG_0409_180x160 copyOur donors are our “partners”—people who care about our community and are willing to make a difference. We call them partners because that’s just what they are; part of a collaborative effort as we pool funds and resources together to give bigger and better for our community.  They are YOU!

must! charities exists because of these partners. We value strength in numbers and take a grassroots, “barn-raising” approach by bringing a community together to make big things happen. This collaboration is rooted in mutual respect for our partners’ goals, passions, and efforts.

Thank you to our partners, for your willingness to join us, hand-in-hand, as we unite the local community and make a sustainable, cooperative impact in the lives of those around us.

We appreciate you supporting must! charities partners.