Everyone Is In It For the Right Reasons

IMG_3842 (2)Rob Osterbauer has a hard-earned and impressive resume.  He joined Heritage Oaks Bank as Executive Vice President, Market Area President in May 2012 and was promoted to Chief Lending Officer in November of 2013. In addition to leading the Bank’s commercial relationship banking activities including the commercial and agriculture lending teams, Rob is responsible for business development throughout San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, and Ventura Counties. Prior to joining Heritage Oaks Bank, Rob spent seven years at Rabobank, where he most recently managed the bank’s Central Coast agribusiness division.

We think the real feather in his cap, however, is his commitment and service to must! charities as an Executive Board member.  Having worked with one of our founders, Eric Jensen of Booker Vineyard, in the early years setting up must! charities’ non-profit incorporation and the mounds of paperwork that come along with that, he has continued to follow must! charities’ progress.

must’s innovative and creative business model appeals to the banker  side of Rob, who appreciates the concept of integrating philanthropy into everyday business plans – responsible, habitual, and planned giving.  Because must’s operating expenses are covered through the Executive Board’s contributions, it allows every dollar generated in fundraising efforts to go directly into must’s programs and ultimately into our community.

“So,” Rob says, “everyone is in it for the right reasons.”  And Rob is no exception.  Despite traveling from branch to branch between Paso Robles and Oxnard on a weekly basis, he maintains his commitment to must! charities dedicating time, energy, and resources to create long-term, sustainable transformation in our community.