From the Club

2014must-_BGC Kelsey and Ally

By Meghan Harris, Associate Director of Operations and Programs

Ten year old Ally is one of our extraordinary Boys & Girls Club summer camp members attending at this year’s new Atascadero site.  Last summer Ally went to a martial arts camp, where she received her third belt and although she enjoyed that camp, she did not want to spend another summer learning just about martial arts.

Ally looks forward to waking up every morning and seeing her friends at the Boys & Girls Club Summer Camp.  She loves the staff members and in particular she likes that staff play games with the children.  Coming to the club is exciting to Ally and she loves participating in all the different activities and field trips that are offered over the summer.
Ally has made two great new friends over the summer that she would not have had the opportunity to meet under other circumstances.  She met her new best friend, Cevina.  Ally happily reported that they are best friends because, “Cevina is always there for me.”   Ally also met Natalie, another great friend she would not have had the chance to meet if she had not attended the Boys & Girls Club.


Ally’s favorite things to do at the Club are Rainbow Looming and Brain Gain with staff member Kelsey.  During Brain Gain Ally likes that she “can learn during the summer, like what is in the air, things she didn’t know”.   Unlike school, our Club members in Atascadero get to play with all ages ranging from kindergarten through sixth grade.  Ally thinks it is a lot of fun being with people of all ages – she enjoys getting the opportunity to be someone the younger members can look up to.